About Us

SPACE LIVING is a small interior design company, which started out with a skeleton crew since 2004. We have experienced people with a vast and wide array of project experiences ranging from small apartment, bungalows, small stores and corporate offices to hotels and resorts. With these experiences, we gained the opportunity to undertake any project more efficiently and reliably.

There is no job too small or too big as we thrive on the personal attention we are able to deliver to each and every exercise. That we have learned with the close relationship with the clients, we would be able to bring out the best in every exercise.

Space Living main activities is in interior designing, consultancy, project management, renovations, designed furniture supply and as well as soft furnishing works. It is moving towards becoming a ONE-STOP factory catering to commercial and residential requirements.

We are not only provides consultancy services in interior design field but to the extent of business research and development of its commercial projects to understand and approach each commercial project more feasibly which in turn creates more conducive interior designs.

Our senior personnel has had a vast experience in their specialty and they will be introduces individually to reflect the projects they have completed for your perusal.

Space Living has a very straightforward mission, to provide its clients with innovative designs and solutions with quality and cost effectiveness.

Our goal is to achieve an original and conducive design, which sets a standard in the design industry.